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Charities we support

Christian Aid

Christian Aid has the slogan “We believe in life before death”, and so works to help reduce poverty and suffering caused by disasters and injustice. focusing on the need for trade justice. House-to-house collections during Christian Aid Week remain the biggest single fundraising event.

Traidcraft – Fair Trade at St Mary’s

Traidcraft logo
The Oxford Diocese, to which St Mary’s belongs, is committed to being a Fairtrade Diocese, agreeing to use and promote fairly trade goods. Buying Fair Trade products ensures that workers receive a decent wage for their efforts, and may better support their families.
You may buy Traidcraft goods from a stall in the meeting room on the 2nd Sunday of each month.


There is a rather fine tradition at St Mary’s of supporting the United Society for the Propagation of the Gospel (USPG) by attending our annual “Cream Tea” event.

The Children’s Society

Children's Society logo
St Marys supports the work of The Children’s Society through collecting boxes and the Christingle Service.
Collecting boxes are available for anyone wanting to support the Society in its work with vulnerable children. These are collected in at the Christingle service.
The Children’s Society is active in a large number of projects – campaigning for children’s rights, supporting the disabled, homeless and children who are carers.

Loose Ends Newbury

Our Harvest Festival Collections this year supported Loose Ends at Newbury Baptist Church. This local organisation provides hot meals and support for homeless people in Newbury.

Woman’s Refuge

Our Mother’s Union support the Women Refuge through the collection of toiletries, underwear, dry foodstuffs and financial donations.